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Participation in the C.HÔT rewards program is subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. These terms and conditions can also be modified at any time.

The C.HÔT Rewards Card

The C.HÔT rewards and loyalty program can be used exclusively in establishments member of the C Hôtels network and C Hôtels network partners. The participant may earn rewards when purchasing an eligible service. To find out which services are eligible, please contact a member establishment. The C.HÔT card is, and remains, the property of the C Hôtels network. C Hôtels acts as the administrator of this program and reserves the right to terminate or make changes to the C.HÔT program at any time.

Member Establishments and Partners

To view the list of member establishments and partners, click on the links below.

Our Hotels | Our Spas

Program Membership

To participate in the program, click here. Subscription to the program is free and is done on an individual basis (one subscription per person). The program is for individual use only. The member is responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the program. Program members must notify C Hôtels of any changes to their personal information, including name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address, by logging into the members-only portal.

Value of Points

For every Canadian dollar (excluding all taxes and services) spent at a partner establishment, the cardholder receives 10 reward points upon presentation of his or her card. The value of C.HÔT points may change without prior notice. Points can also be increased during specific one-time campaigns. C Hôtels will not be held liable for any change in the rewards or the withdrawal of a partner establishment regarding the reward-program members.

Redeeming C.HÔT Points

You can use your reward card points to purchase a gift card or a gift package or when making a reservation by phone at the hotel or at our website, chotels.ca.
Points cannot be redeemed for a purchase made from a third party.

Accumulation of C.HÔT Points

To earn reward points, the cardholder must present his or her card when paying the invoice. The points do not apply retroactively. No points will be awarded for a stay prior to enrollment in the program. Any part of the stay paid with the C.HÔT gift card or the C.HÔT reward program is not eligible for points accumulation.

The balance of available points will be updated on the C.HÔT member portal, which can be access through chotels.ca.

Points can only be accumulated on one program at a time and cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Points cannot be accumulated if the reservation has been made by a third party such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Booking.com, Priceline, Tuango, Groupon, La Forfaiterie, Coffrets Prestige, travel agencies and through the GDS.

Points accumulated on more than one account cannot be combined. Under no circumstances may these points be assigned, bequeathed or transferred. C.HÔT points have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

In the event of points not being credited to the account, the beneficiary of the C.HÔT program must contact the member establishment where he or she stayed within a maximum of 60 days following the date of the stay. C Hôtels’ partner establishments will determine the conditions under which the beneficiary will obtain his or her reward points. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. C Hôtels’ partner establishments are released from any C.HÔT points offer that is no longer in effect.

Redeeming of C.HÔT Points

C.HÔT reward points can only be redeemed in the C Hôtels group and partner establishments. Once points have been accumulated, they will be unavailable for a period of 24 hours. As a result, it will not be possible to use them for the same transaction. When visiting a partner establishment, the C.HÔT member must inform the reception staff that he or she wishes to use their points to pay for all, or part of their purchase, and present their C.HÔT card or be able to provide their card number. C.HÔT points will be charged to the reward card on payment of the purchase.

Transactions Exceeding Accumulated Points

For a transaction exceeding the balance of points accumulated on the C.HÔT card, the cardholder must combine the use of the points accumulated with another payment method accepted by the establishment or partner.

C.HÔT Points Lookup

To find out how many points you have accumulated in your account, go to the Rewards Program.section on our website, chotels.ca. In order to access your account, you have to activate it and save your access codes in a safe place.

Expiry of C.HÔT Points

To maintain the active status of the C.HÔT rewards card, the cardholder must have made a transaction at a partner establishment within the last 24 months. C Hôtels commits to notify the recipient by e-mail about the upcoming expiry date, within a reasonable time. After this deadline, the account will be closed and the balance of points will be cancelled. The cardholder is responsible to keep his or her profile up to date on chotels.ca.

Communications and Confidentiality

The offers and promotions of the C.HÔT rewards program are advertised on the C Hotel website or by its authorised partners. It is the member’s responsibility to update his or her communication preferences and to remain informed about the terms and conditions of the program.

All information collected by the C.HÔT rewards program is the sole property of C Hôtels. This information may be shared with its partners, but under no circumstances will it be sold or distributed.

Lost or Stolen C.HÔT Card

The C.HÔT rewards program member may request a new card if it is lost or stolen, as long as he or she provides his or her membership number and personal information. A new card will be issued by C Hôtels and the balance of points will be transferred to the new account. A $10 fee plus tax is applicable to ensure replacement of the lost card. Under no circumstances shall C Hôtels, its affiliated establishments and its partners be held responsible in the event of loss, theft or misuse of the C.HÔT card.

Termination, Modification or Interruption of the C.HÔT Program

C Hôtels reserves the right to modify or terminate the C.HÔT rewards program at any time. The program administrator will notify the members of the termination of the
program and the terms and conditions of any balance available on the member’s card via its website or by e-mail, within a reasonable time. C Hôtels also reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the C.HÔT rewards program without notice.

Privacy of Personal Information

We are committed to develop a long-term relationship of trust and respect with our members. C Hôtels is dedicated to protect the information collected as part of this program.

Under no circumstances will this information be given, rented, exchanged or sold to individuals or companies.

However, please be aware that the information collected may be used to manage the program and the members’ accounts, process the redemption of points made by the members, prepare statements of account for institutions or partners, carry out targeted promotional campaigns, communicate program updates and current offers, and organize contests for registered members.

C Hôtels, its establishments and partners are committed to respect the privacy of C.HÔT rewards program members. If the member prefers not to receive marketing or promotional communications (electronic, printed or telephone), he or she must send a written notice to the following address, and this will not compromise the accumulation or redemption of C.HÔT points.

C Hôtels
265 rue Drouin
Scott (QC)  G0S 3G0


Terms and Conditions

This agreement may differ from what the C.HÔT member knows about the C.HÔT rewards program. It represents the entire agreement between C Hôtels and the C.HÔT member with respect to their membership in the C.HÔT rewards program, their right to earn and redeem C.HÔT points and other benefits to which the C.HÔT member is entitled under the C.HÔT rewards program and replaces any previous versions thereof. There are no conditions, statements, or warranties, expressed or implied, legal or otherwise, other than those specifically stated in this agreement. If the C.HÔT member deals with C Hôtels via the Internet, he or she agrees to maintain contract obligations by electronic means.

In this document, the male gender is used only to facilitate the understanding of the text.

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