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Latest reviews from our guests

  • Review of Brad T. on 25/01/2020


    « Just a lovely place to stay... really enjoyed the time spent there. Will definitely be back on next visit to Quebec area. »

  • Review of Lori G. on 26/01/2020


    « This hotel was on the snowmobile trail and it was a beautiful hotel. we really enjoyed our stay. Love it! »

  • Review of Cynthia A. on 09/01/2020


    « An English version of your mobile website would be most appreciated »

  • Review of Craig H. on 29/11/2019


    « We booked this hotel out of necessity due to its location for a work contract I had for several days. We’ve never been to this part of rural Quebec and did g know what to expect in terms of quality of hotels available. Our arrival surprised us at how beautiful the property is, the amenities and the staff were wonderful. The restaurant served us the best food we had all of our two week trip and we had just come from Quebec City. Seriously amazing food. Do not miss this restaurant while staying here! My only critique is I arrived back from work at 8pm and found the restaurant closed due to it being off season so I had to settle for st Hubert terrible food. Not the worst thing in the world but I was really looking forward to the restaurant that night so St Hubert can not compare. The hot tub and waters are perfect for soaking your tired body in after a long day at work doing hard labor. We will absolutely be back! »

  • Review of April Y. on 15/10/2019


    « Very pleasant stay in a beautiful home away from home. Very friendly staff took care of our needs and happily answered any of our questions. Will be back to hopefully stay even longer. Bathroom upstairs is open air but could use a separate area for toilet area. »

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